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Tracker directional 433MHz Yagi antenna

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This is a simple 433MHz 6-element directional yagi antenna designed to be used with our RC lost model tracking system. It is designed to pack up to a reasonably small size and weight for easier shipping and storage.

We supply it as a set of elements with lead and connector already attached, screws and cable ties. You supply the wooden boom and screw the elements on at the correct spacings.

Wooden Boom: 700mm long is ideal and 10x10mm hardwood or similar. It’s not too critical; any straight wooden stick works well; up to maybe 25x25mm, rectangular or round.
Element Spacings: From the reflector (R): R: 0mm, DE: 139mm, D1: 190.5mm, D2: 301.5mm, D3: 431.5mm, D4: 544mm

The latest version: antenna elements have wire end segments as shown in the image with the tracker and receiver. The coax lead is supplied with the antenna. The longest element is the reflector, reducing in length out through DE, D1, D2, D3, D4.

Read more: about this antenna and tracking antennas in general.


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