Receiver Enclosure Kit


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This is a kit of parts to turn the kit receiver board into a fully enclosed receiver.

This is a tricky process and requires a bit of DIY experience.

Basic Steps

  • Ensure the circuit board slides into the extrusion (sand edges for easy fit)
  • Drill the speaker hole, de-bur and paint black (black permanent marker)
  • De-bur extrusion ends and paint black
  • Attach wires to speaker and glue speaker into extrusion
  • Make holes in end caps for controls etc. – this is tricky and takes a while
  • Assemble – don’t over-tighten end cap screws

Assembly Hints

  • A drill press with rotary wire brush is useful for de-burring the extrusion ends, inside and outside.
  • The speaker hole is 50mm from the antenna end of the extrusion.
  • A sharp hobby knife is suitable for de-burring the speaker hole.
  • Leave the speaker wire long enough to attach to the board, to be inserted from the antenna end of the extrusion.
  • Making the holes in the end caps is tricky and takes a while. A tapered reamer is very useful. The holes must be reasonably precise for a good finish. A sharp pointed modelling knife starts and cuts the plastic. With repeated testig and cutting to get the holes positioned. Take your time.
  • A construction adhesive will glue the speaker into the extrusion; Liquid Nails or similar.
  • Glue end cap to BNC, switch and volume control for added support
  • Screws or spaces in the board hole position the battery
  • A small foam block against the end cap prevents the battery from rattling


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