Valve Pulse Control Module


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Designed to control pulse type water valves that use reverse-polarity to determine open and close. This module provides ON/OFF (+/-) polarity pulses with maximum duration and under-voltage shut-off.

Dual outputs can be used to control 2 valves depending on the operating mode selected. Dual inputs switched high activate the outputs.  Under-voltage protection turns the valves off and prevents further operation while the supply voltage is low (ie. below 12V). A useful feature for solar powered remote watering system valves.  The maximum duration timer turns the valves off after a pre-set time (default = 1 hour).  A useful safety feature for radio controlled systems in case of radio interference or other loss of signal.

More information: here.

Three operating modes:

  1. 2-channels, valve on/off follows input state.
  2. 2-channels, input pulse-on – pulse off.
  3. 1-channel, two inputs. IP-1 turns valve-1 on. IP-2 turns valve-1 off (valve 2 output not used)


  • three operating modes
  • can be supplied for 24V or 12V DC supply operation
  • two control inputs
  • drives 2 valve circuits directly
  • supply voltage monitoring – low voltage fail safe
  • time-out to off – fail safe – adjustable 2 to 4 hours
  • 4mA average standby power draw
  • outputs rated 2 Amps


  • provided as circuit board module to be mounted in your enclosure
  • Do Not get wet
  • assembled to order. Shipped approximately 5 working days following order received.


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