Power Safety Cutoff

fire safety cutoffI designed and built one of these. Everybody needs one of these. I’ve had this one on test for some time now and it’s working well.

If you have a computer or other electrical device running 24/7, out of the way in a corner or back room, what happens when it fails? Could it cause a fire.

This unit plugs in to the mains and provides two power points that are switched by a heavy duty relay. A temperature sensor monitors rate-of-rise and a smoke detector can be connected to monitor for smoke. When triggered, it shuts the power off and can activate an alarm or could even trigger a fire extinguisher. A LED indicator lets you know what’s happening and a push button resets the power.

The original application (laser cutting) called for rate-of-rise only detection because small fires were possible but smoke was also part of the normal operation.

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