Technical Notes

Just random technical notes relating to, and


You connect your devices, computer, cellphone, etc. to an email server using the details provided.  Email comes in to the server and is passed on to or requested by your devices.

Web-Mail is where you use a web browser to access a web site or page that provides an interface for sending and receiving email.

You can also use an App (program or application) on a cellphone or device that provides the interface.  On a computer (PC) you can use an email program like Thunderbird which is my preference.

Whichever you use, it will need an email address, user-name and password and possibly an web address to set up for the first time.

Email addresses for family members.

Let me know (Paul) if you have any questions.  BTW: Limited assistance may be available for Windows and I have never used Apple.  But for most setup it’s not too difficult.