EOL Resistor Module


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A small resistor network for alarm and control panel detector/sensor wiring.  Simplifies installation and improves reliability.

Standard wiring is Blue and Red or Black and White if specified.  Other colors may be available but will add a delay for sourcing.  Wiring is 0.5mm stranded security wire with about 100mm length on each color.  Assembly consists of SMD resistors on a small circuit board in hot-glue and heat-shrink tubing.

EOL resistor details

EOL resistor details

Some of the common resistor values provided to date: 180R/300R, 1K/1K, 1K/10K, 2K2/2K2, 4K7/4K7

Note: we usually have a few in stock of common values but assemble most to order due to the variations possible.  Smaller numbers can be available in a few days.  Larger quantities usually 1-2 weeks depending on workload.

Contact Form – if you need a value not listed.

A few examples – EOL series/parallel

Cardax-Gallagher FT – 4K7/4K7 – (yellow)
Cardax NT – 10K, scouts were 4K7/4K7 – (yellow)
Inner Range, Concept IQ – 2K2/6K8 – (green)
Paradox – 680R/1K (normal=1K, open=1.68K) – ()
Challenger (Tecom), Pacom Systems – 10K/10K – (red)
Ademco – 1K or 2K depends on panel – ()
MCM – 10K – ()
DSC – 5K6 – ()
Bosch (EDM) – 3K3/6K8 – ()
DAS, NX – 3K3 – ()
CCure (software house), Protégé – 1K/1K – (green)
470R/1K – ()
300R/180R – (white)
1K/ 10K – (black)
2K2/2K2 – (blue or black)
15K/3K9 – (brown)


  1. some panels are configurable, allowing different EOL values.
  2. Various heat-shrink colors indicate values – but several repeat due to not enough colors.

Additional information

Weight 0.003 kg

180R-300R, 1200R-390R, 1K21-392R, 1K-1K, 1K-10K, 2K2-2K2, 2K2-6K8, 3K9-15K, 4K7-4K7, 5K6-5K6, 10K-10K


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