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My Home Page – I use this as my Browser home page.
GNU GPL – Project and product Code License where source is available here.
CC BY SA 3.0 – Documentation and Content License.

PMB Electronics – original electronics site
Bealing Family

Fire Denyer – Fire safety devices from Fire Preventors Ltd. NZ.
Mouldtech Engineering Ltd. – NZ local Plastic injection moulding and tool making.

RC (radio control):

MFNZ (NZMAA) – Model Flying New Zealand
DIY Drones
New Zealand FPV SIG – discussion group

Useful web pages to revisit

Raspberry Pi internet access monitor – using SmokePing – kugelfish.


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1. HTML tag reference
2. Displaying code snippets
3. HTML Images – examples
4. HTML Tables
5. HTML Colour Picker
6. WordPress & WPSC forum
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