Buying Stuff in NZ

It’s February 2021 and I need a list of local NZ suppliers I have purchased from and want to remember – so here goes.

Why a list of suppliers

The reason for this page is Trademe.  Once upon a time Trademe was a great place to buy stuff – almost anything you wanted in one place.  The sellers were local, the stock was local and the Trademe web site was simple and reliable.  But now Trademe has too many sellers shipping product from distant lands with long delivery delays, high shipping prices and high product prices.  If I’m prepared to wait 4-8 weeks for delivery, I can buy direct from China myself and pay 20% of what the local crooks are charging to order it from China for me.  Late 2020 Trademe updated their web site from being simple and functional to being a typical graphical mess that links to a list of background services which I’m not keen to have fooling around under the hood of my computer – but that’s just me.

I will continue to use Trademe if I can’t find what I want elsewhere, then add the suppliers direct link to this page for direct purchases in the future.

Suppliers in New Zealand

The suppliers listed here I have bought from and were happy with.  Search this page using “ctrl F” in your browser.

Supplier Products Link Notes
AA Solar Solar Panels etc.
Everyday Low Prices Cleaning products
dishwasher tablets
ExpressNet Tools and equipment for the workshop
Extreme PC Computer parts
Flick Electric Spot based electricity
our 2020-2021 supplier
Hi-Q Components Electrical components nylon nut bolts connectors
HobbyElectronics Electronics
modules and parts
HobbyStation RC parts  
Hyperdrive Car tyres
wheels and tyres
Insinc Products Cleaning products
Kings Plant Barn Garden supplies
MachineryHouse Tools and equipment for the workshop
Mecha4Makers Electric/Mechanical parts good range, quick delivery
PB Tech Computer parts  
Mower Parts NZ Mower Parts  

 The end.