The Fire Denyer

fire denyer or fire denier. prevent kitchen fire. protect lives and property

The Fire Denyer is a home fire alarm that also prevents the most common fires from starting, protecting family and home.  Smoke detectors alert of the fire danger and cut power before a fire develops.  Effectively  preventing the majority of kitchen fires.  Additional smoke alarms provide early warning to others in the home.

Protecting Lives and Property

Acknowledged by fire professionals, insurance companies, building industry authorities and fire prevention organizations. The Fire Denyer has been installed in many homes and apartments throughout New Zealand.

Many people are affected by fire. The Fire Denyer can prevent the most common type of fire from starting and gives effective warning of possible danger. Cooking or kitchen fires are among the most common home fires.

Preventing Kitchen Fires

Every kitchen needs a Fire Denyer. It can be installed into existing homes and should be high on the priority list for new building or renovations.

People are busy and cooking is not always a high priority. It’s too easy to forget the pot on to cook. For anyone, a simple distraction can easily lead to a kitchen fire.

The fire service gives us good advice – to get out of the house. But they don’t have to worry about irreplaceable family items, insurance companies and cleaning up the mess. Wouldn’t it be much better to just prevent the fire ?

Kit Price

Costing around $650.00 plus GST, The Fire Denyer Kit provides the following components:

  • The Fire Denyer Controller and battery pack
  • One Contactor for installation at the switchboard
  • Four hard wired smoke detectors
  • One User Manual and Installation Guide

note: GST is a New Zealand sales tax – and does not apply to exports.

Installation costs vary.  The best and cheapest time to install is when building or renovating.  Your electrician can advise installation costs.

Before it’s too late – Prevent fires – Protect lives and property

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