How to Order – Notes

Ordering – Simple

Just add items to the cart and go to checkout where you enter your details and select a payment option.

  • You do not have to register or log-in to purchase.
  • Using the Stripe (credit-card payments) details are kept secure by Stripe
  • Using Paypal, all important details are kept secure by Paypal
  • Payment by direct bank deposit is possible – easy for New Zealand customers but can be expensive in bank fees for overseas customers. The bank account number is provided in your automatic order confirmation email.

If you would like anything in particular that you have heard we offer and is not listed on this site, or have any questions please use the Contact Form and we will get back to you ASAP.

Pricing and Payment

Currency Conversion: Hover your mouse pointer over the price and it will show you the conversion to your currency.  You can select the currency required if it cannot guess your location. Checkout is still in NZ dollars. Stripe/Paypal will manage the conversion.

By default, pricing is in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and excludes GST (a local Tax). GST is NOT charged on orders shipped out of New Zealand. The checkout process automatically adds GST to orders shipped to New Zealand addresses.

Payment from New Zealand Customers can be made to .

If you are buying direct one-off payments are possible via Stripe and Paypal.  Add as many One Dollar Unit product items as needed to the cart then check out using a credit-card via Stripe or Paypal.

Paypal web site also has a Send option for making payments – enter the email address and amount to make a one-off payment. Be sure to select NZ Dollars as the currency and enter the Invoiced amount.

Make one-off Paypal Payments To:


Orders are shipped when payment is confirmed.  Usually the next day for Stripe and Paypal payments.

Within New Zealand we generally use NZ Post couriers which is typically over night to non-rural addresses.  We don’t normally send by regular mail as it takes us longer to process and ship.

Please check packages for damage during transit before the courier runs off.  We ensure orders are well packed so it’s unlikely there will be any damage.

Sending Internationally, the best option is air-post international through New Zealand Post.  Delivery times vary with destination and customs clearances but generally one to two weeks.

We put a customs declaration on all packages that go overseas.  This states a value of the contents. Your customs office may charge you duty based on this value.  We generally show something closer to our cost price as that’s all NZ Post cover for loss.

$1 or free Shipping

At times we may offer Free Shipping by standard Air-Post.  Usually on items over a certain value so that it doesn’t cost us more than the item is worth to ship it.  The shopping cart checkout will allow or apply free shipping when it applies.

Typical Shipping Charges

Shipping is calculated at checkout based of the destination country.

Local – within New Zealand

  • Smaller packages, up to about 3Kg (North or South Island) $12.00-$16.00
  • Larger packages (North Island) varies, starting at $16.00
  • Larger packages (South Island) varies, starting at $26.00

Export – outside New Zealand

  • Smaller orders are usually sent by Standard Air-Post unless Courier is requested.
  • Standard Air-International may now include tracking.
  • Most smaller packages typically NZ$16.00-$20.00 by air-post.
  • Larger or high value packages are sent by Courier.  Larger packs of resistor modules (1000 or more), typical shipping NZ$60.00-$120.00 if free shipping doesn’t apply.

For high value orders that required a lot of production time we may break the order into 2 shipments via Express-Courier – to reduce the cost and risk of loss.  Some items like the resistor modules are assembled to order and a large single package lost could take weeks to replace.  Although shipping has been very reliable to date.

Stock and Lead Time

Regular selling items, we carry some assembled at all times.  Of other general items, we carry some stock assembled, quantity depends on demand.  We also carry parts for reasonably quick assembly when required. Most items can be assembled in 3-7 days.  A few items we have to get made such as PC Boards.  If not in stock, these are usually 1-3 weeks.

We assemble many items here from components.  We have been using a lot of surface mount components for years and re-flow soldering for high reliability.  This also allows quick assembly when needed.  The component stock carried at any time depends on demand.  We can run short, but not often.

Warranty and Support

Should you receive a product that does not work we will generally replace it.  The main exception is where the product is once only use or has likely been damaged during installation or use, ie. individual electronic components.  Please notify us as soon as possible of any problems so that we can resolve it promptly.  The contact form is available above or via email, address above.


Any information collected from you (the customer) is used solely for the purpose of processing orders.  We do not store credit card numbers electronically, so it is as hacker and accident proof as it gets.  PMB-NZ will not pass on your details to any third party.


Any price, image or description on this site may change without notice.  PMB-NZ has no responsibility for inadvertent errors.  PMB-NZ reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order.  Some images for smaller items may be generic and not of the actual part offered (ie small electronic components).  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Terms and Conditions

Nothing extra at this stage.