AA Batteries

NiMh Cells Seem To Be Fading Away

We have used NiMh cells for years, but they are now harder to find and a lot more expensive.  So we are switching the main batteries over to 18650 lithium cells.  We still need a stable and safer backup cell.

So I Got These Panasonic Batteries

Panasonic AA Alkaline cellPanasonic AA Alkaline cells to look at for a job.  Next step was to find some data so off to the Panasonic web site.  Typical of most big companies there days the web site was all sales BS and glossy pictures, no real data to be seen.  It must be there somewhere, unless they are trying to hide something and these batteries are not up to the job.

It’s possible that these are not true Panasonic cells, but that doesn’t matter for now.  My current complaint is that data is not “readily” available from the Panasonic web site.

It looks like the capacity should be over 2000mAh (2Ah).  Most customers wouldn’t know if they were getting 2000mAh or 200mAh – the cells go in and the device gets used occasionally.  When it goes flat you put more cells in.

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