PMB – Product and Design Designations
Design Description Details
RJ45-I-01/8 RJ-45 Isolator, 8-wire 12/24V DC RJ-45 connectors, electrical isolator (1G ethernet capable)  
PMB-RC1 Arduino (compatible) mini RC and General controller Details
PMB-LED-C1 LED Flasher Controller Details
PMB-LED-C2 LED Strip Details
PMB-tracker-T1 Lost model tracker transmitter Details
PMB-tracker-R1/2 Lost model tracker receiver (kit or assembled) Details

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PMB – Product and Page – site structure
Address Product Description
. . .   base address
pages-fixed-misc/rc-flying/tracker/lost-model-tracker/ tracking in general support page
products-page/tracker-rc-electronics/pmb-tracker-t1/ transmitter store product
pages-fixed-misc/rc-flying/tracker/pmb-tracker-t1/ . support page
products-page/tracker-rc-electronics/pmb-tracker-r1/ receiver, kit version store product
pages-fixed-misc/rc-flying/tracker/pmb-tracker-r1/ . support page
products-page/tracker-rc-electronics/pmb-tracker-r2/ receiver, fully assembled store product
pages-fixed-misc/rc-flying/tracker/pmb-tracker-r2/ . support page
. . .
. . .
products-page/led-lighting/pmb-led-c1 LED controller, 6 channel store product
pages-fixed-misc/rc-general/led-lighting/pmb-led-c1/ . support page
products-page/led-lighting/pmb-led-c2 LED strip store product
pages-fixed-misc/rc-general/led-lighting/pmb-led-c2/ . support page
. . .
products-page/rc-electronics/pmb-rc1/ Arduino compatible controller product page
pages-fixed-misc/rc-general/rc-electronics/pmb-rc1/ . support page
. . .
. . .
. . .