Low Battery Relay

low battery relayThis is a low voltage detector for 12V battery monitoring. When the applied nominal 12V supply drops below the trip set-point, the relay changes state. This can be used to switch off equipment or trigger an alarm etc. when the battery voltages drops too low.

The DIP-Switches set the trip voltage within the range 9.8 volts and 14 volts. The LED indicates normal operation and a low voltage tripped state.

Mounting: Typically using industrial grade double sided sticky foam: see notes below.

Default DIP-Switch setting = 3, 5 and 8 on. This provides a low voltage trip at approximately 11.2V and a restore from trip at 12.5V. This would suit most 12V battery systems.


  • micro-controller based
  • supply voltage: 8 to 15V DC
  • supply current: 50mA (22mA Typical)
  • response time: approx 2 seconds (depends on voltage swing)
  • reverse polarity protected
  • output relay: isolated changeover contacts
  • output relay: 50V AC/DC, 1A
  • Relay energized when voltage normal (not tripped)