What is The Fire Denyer ?

The Fire Denyer is referred to as a ‘Hazard Activated Power Isolator’.  Hard wired smoke detectors are connected to The Fire Denyer Controller.  When a smoke detector activates, the Controller then:

  • signals all smoke detectors to sound their alarms
  • signals the power contactor to switch off power to the designated circuits – primarily the cooker or stove circuit, but can include other ‘at risk’ circuits such as kitchen power points.

Any individual circuits can be protected by The Fire Denyer.  Discuss your requirements with your installer. Changes can usually be made, even after installation.

For use with gas cookers and heating, a suitable valve installed by a registered gas fitter can also be connected to the Fire Denyer controller, to shut off the gas supply.

User Manual

Standard Fire Denyer System Components

  • The Fire Denyer Controller – the heart of the system, controlling the system’s operation and providing Hush, Reset and Test functions. A backup battery maintains system operation for at least 72 hours in the event of a power failure.
  • Smoke Detectors – photo-electric hard wired, 12v DC, each with a built-in loud siren.
  • Contactor – fitted to the switchboard. The contactor shuts off power when smoke is detected.

Optional Additional Features

These components are available as additions and for special purpose installations.

  • Heat Detectors – can be fitted if required in place of or to supplement the standard smoke detectors.
  • Flashing Alerter Strobes – usually fitted where one or more of the occupants is hard of hearing. Red flashing indicates a smoke alarm. Blue or Green flashing means the Door Bell was pressed.
  • Waking Vibrator or Bed Shaker – usually fitted to homes where one or more of the occupants is hard of hearing.  A vibrating device that is placed under the pillow, mattress or couch.  The shaker activates at the same time as the smoke detector alarms and the Flashing Alerters.  Two vibrator patterns indicate a smoke alarm or door bell.
  • Door Bell – designed for the hard of hearing, this activates the Flashing Alerters and Bed Shakers. Note: there is no sound when the door bell is pressed. A sounder can be installed if required.
  • Manual Call Point – this a standard fire alarm manual call point switch,like the ones we see in public buildings.
  • Security Interface – This provides a connection from the Fire Denyer to any other security alarm system or fire alarm system.
  • Alarm Relay – provides an extra alarm output for signalling another alarm system or activating additional sirens, audibles or lights.

How Does it Work ?

When any one of the smoke detectors activates, all audible alarms activate and the power is cut to the cooker or stove and protected circuits.  If installed, Flashing Alerters and Bed Shakers activate.  The power remains off until the system is reset.

Follow the Sequence

What if it’s a False Alarm?

If the system has activated due to detecting some innocent smoke such as burning toast, the Hush button silences the alarms and Flashing Alerters and Bed Shakers if fitted. Power to protected circuits remains off until the Reset button is pressed.

Clear smoke from the area by opening windows or doors. If smoke is still present, the system will reactivate after a short time and will have to be hushed and reset again.

Controls – Switch Buttons and Indicators

There are three simple buttons on The Fire Denyer Controller:

  • ‘Hush’.  This silences the alarms and turns off the Flashing Alerters and Waking Vibrator.
  • ‘Reset’.  This button resets the system, restoring power to protected circuits.
  • ‘Test’.  This button allows the owner to check that the system is connected and operating correctly.  It cuts power to the protected circuits, sounds alarms (and activates Flashing Alerters and Waking Vibrators if fitted).  To restore power to the circuits, press the Reset button.

The LED indicator can be red or green and lets you know the status of the controller:

  • Off but blinking Green occasionally:  running on battery, mains power is off
  • On – Green:  normal operation – all OK
  • Flashing Red:  alarm has been activated

Benefits of the Fire Denyer System

  • Proven to Stop Fires Starting

About 40% of household fires start from unattended cooking, for example, a pot on the stove overheats, smokes and then ignites.  When the source of heat is cut as soon as smoke is detected, a fire and damage can be prevented.  The Fire Denyer cuts off the source of heat within seconds.  Tests show the time between smoke and ignition is typically about seven minutes.

Additional Benefits of The Fire Denyer System:

  • Reliable
  • Full household smoke detector alarm warning system
  • Smoke detectors are interconnected and sound simultaneously
  • Cost effective
  • Battery backup
  • One central controller
  • Simple to operate
  • Always ‘on’ – no need to remember to set when leaving the house
  • Easy to test
  • Can be interfaced with security alarm and other fire alarm systems
  • Adaptable for special needs
  • Protects lives, families, possessions and homes

The Fire Denyer stops many fires starting and gives you the best possible warning

Sprinkler Systems

The Fire Denyer System in conjunction with a sprinkler system gives the most complete protection available.  The Fire Denyer System is highly effective at preventing a significant number of sprinkler activations.  A sprinkler system may assist on the rare occasion where a fire cannot be prevented.


Fire Denyer is a registered trademark of Fire Preventors Ltd.