Which RC Radio System

Which One ?

The Turnigy 9XR-pro is my bottom end choice.  It has a large following, communities that provide improved software and support, and cheap spare parts available.  Hobbyking is just the hardware supplier, and at a good price.  With the 9Xr-pro you will have to get a RF module.  This is the actual radio part of the system and can be any 2.4GHz “JR” compatible module and matching receivers.  I recommend FrSky modules and receivers.

The Taranis is the next step up, providing more channels, additional multi position switches (useful) and controls, and a few other features that improve convenience.

The only disadvantage of the 9XR-pro and Taranis is the programming. It requires quite a lot of patience and research, but this is also what makes them very capable transmitters. There is PC software that can help with software updates, programming, simulation etc.

What about the other brands

The main two are probably Futaba and Spectrum.

I can not recommend Futaba. It is the brand I see most often for repair and in testing against other brands in a hostile RF environment (radio jammers) it was the least reliable.

Spectrum had a bit of a bad reputation several years ago with the DSM system, but they seem to have solved the problems with DSMX.  If you like Specktum, then use it.