Lamp Flasher – Belisha Beacon

belisha beacon flasherThis is a mains power lamp flasher control module.  Intended as a Belisha Beacon flasher but can be used to flash other lamps.  The current version supports LED lamps down to about 3 watts – see note below.

A Belisha Beacon is an amber-coloured lamp atop a black and white pole, marking pedestrian crossings.  Common in New Zealand and several other countries.

Supply and delivery

We usually have a few in stock otherwise assemble to order.  Shipping/Delivery is typically one to two weeks from order if not in stock.  Quantities over 20 per order may take a bit longer depending on our component stock on hand.

A New Option – Jan-2020

slc lighting controllerWe can supply the belisha beacon flasher function in the streetlight controller format.  This is a sealed module with 2 leads – Mains Power IN and Load Out.

Simply connect to the streetlight circuit on the Mains-IN side and the crossing lamps on the Load side.  When power is applied it flashes the output.  The total load can be up to 200 watts of LED and/or incandescent lamps.

See the streetlight controller here.

Flasher Controller

belisha beacon flasherAssembled in two versions:

  1. Single-Channel:  This version has one output channel rated to drive 3 Amps of load
  2. Dual-Channel-Alternating:  This version has two output channels, each rated to drive 3 Amps of load.

For other applications, the controller can be supplied with custom flash rates or a potentiometer for adjustment.

Connection and Operation


When mains power is applied, the flasher operates.  Mains power (Phase and Neutral) is connected to the left 2 terminals.  The next pair (or 2 pairs) of terminals are Phase and Neutral connecting to the lamps.  More than one lamp can be connected to each channel.  The maximum total load connected to each channel should not exceed 3 Amps (about 650 watts).

The mains supply should be protected by a fuse or circuit breaker.  10 Amps is recommended. Incandescent lamp failures present momentary short circuits causing a high fault current to flow. Appropriate protection will normally prevent damage to the flasher.

The terminals will accept reasonable sized wiring. Be sure to trim ends correctly so that excess copper is not exposed. Be sure that all strands are within the terminal and secure. Do not over-tighten the terminals.

The three terminals to the right are connected loop terminals which can be used to join earth wiring. An earth connection is not required for operation of the flasher, but may be required by the lamp fittings or electrical enclosure.


When mains power is applied, the flasher is operating.  There is a pulsing RED LED indicator to the right side of the DIP-Switch.

The DIP-Switch has 2, 3 or 4 positions:

  1. Belisha Beacon mode. 43 flashes per minute, 50/50 % duty cycle (overrides potentiometer setting).
  2. Belisha Beacon mode. 43 flashes per minute, 33/66 % duty cycle (overrides potentiometer setting).
  3. not used – defaults to same setting as position 1
  4. not used – defaults to same setting as position 1

NOTE: The effect of changing the DIP-Switch or potentiometer settings may be delayed slightly as the current flash cycle completes.

mains power lamp flasherIf required the potentiometer option controls the flash rate between about 0.5 seconds and 3.5 seconds.  But if DIP-Switch 1 or 2 are ON, the flash rate will be 43 flashes per minute, overriding the potentiometer.

The potentiometer version is available on request at a higher cost.  We do not recommend this version as continuously variable adjustment sounds like a good idea but in practice is often time consuming to set up.


belisha beacon flasherThe flasher electronics is fully enclosed except for the connection terminals. Several ventilation holes on the back and sides allow some air-flow and ventilation of the internal heat-sink.

Ratings and features:

  • Do Not get wet
  • 110V to 240V AC, 50 or 60 Hz
  • 6A total load or 3A load per circuit
  • Fuse mains supply at 10A maximum
  • Earth connection not required by flasher
  • Power draw without load < 1 watt
  • Ta: 40 deg-C,  Tc 70 deg-C
  • Triac based zero-crossing switching
  • Supports resistive and inductive loads
  • Flash rate adjustable 0.5 to 3.5 seconds
  • Pre-set Belisha-beacon modes: 43 flashes per second, 50/50 or 33/66 duty cycle
  • Plastic panel mounting enclosure – high-impact ABS plastic UL94V0
  • Overall dimensions 92x118x30 mm – mounting hole centers 50x105mm

LED Lamps

With LED lamps now being common, this flasher supports LED lamps down to about 3 Watts.  The original version included included snubber components that upset low-wattage LED lamps causing a flickering.  If you have any of these earlier flashers in stock, send them back and we will modify them to support LED lamps at no charge.