Low Voltage Relay – Detector – for 12V


Low voltage detection relay

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This is a 12V Volt monitor relay typically used to signal low battery conditions for solar battery, alarm, security and safety applications.

The DIP switches allow the low voltage trip point to be adjusted. The relay can be inverted. Fail-safe is possible (switch-7 on) energized normally and released for a low voltage alarm condition. A low standby current draw adds minimal load to solar systems etc.

Often mounted using industrial grade double sided sticky foam tape – we can supply attached to modules if requested.

Updated : February 2016.

  • Micro-controller based
  • 8-15VDC supply. typically 3mA draw on standby (22mA relay tripped)
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Changeover contacts, 50V AC/DC 3A rated
  • LED status indicator
  • Large terminals for easy connection
  • Small size
  • Typical setting: 3,5,8 on for approximately 11.2V trip and 12.6V restore
  • Terminals are:  +12V, 0V, common, normally-open, normally-closed
  • Switches 1 to 6 set the trip voltage
  • Switch-7: inverts the relay (off = relay on when tripped)
  • Switch-8: off = reset at trip + 1V : on = reset at 12.6V

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