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What’s my Android up to? 2

I have a LG GT540 Android phone that’s a few years old. It doesn’t get much use, partly because none of the useful stuff actually works well enough to be “every-day useful, simple and reliable” – at least for my purposes. Android is probably great if you want to tinker […]

Export shipping 1

I have just completed a survey for Post Haste Couriers who I use for local deliveries. One question was especially interesting: 14. Please tell us at least one thing Post Haste could do better or differently for you and your organisation? My Reply: A cost effective overseas package export service […]

Youtube vs Vimeo

This is my opinion…. Both suck but in different ways. Before you say use another browser or don’t block adverts, I will say forget it. If a site doesn’t work correctly with Firefox as well as other browsers then it shouldn’t expect any sympathy if it’s live on the interweb. […]