Kristil Automation Repairs

I’ve posted some notes here.

I’m always interested to hear from anyone with Kristil related problems or questions, or with parts to repair.

I designed the original system back in the late 1990s and still have a lot of the information and can repair most components.

Triac Module notes:

Looking at a triac module; the later type with three triac circuits and one relay circuit. This module has been repaired before; there are wires attached to the back of the board replacing missing tracks. There is no main choke fitted.

These modules are configurable, having 4 push buttons and 6 LEDs on one side.

When powered on, the 4 green LEDs cycle and then the blue LED stays on. The 4 green LEDs then represent the status of the 4 outputs; D11,D12 and D13 the triacs and D14 the relay. Pressing or holding the buttons for a period seems to do nothing.

Holding button SW1 while applying power enters another mode. The blue LED is on, the red LED is flashing and green D13 (cct-3) is on. I suspect the flashing red LED indicates a configuration mode is active and green D13 indicates the current mode or state. This doesn’t seem to time-out and return to normal operation. The module doesn’t seem to respond to commands from the switch.

Pressing SW1 briefly switches the green LED from D13 to D14. SW2 switches to D13, SW3 switches to D12 and SW4 switches to D11. Holding SW1 for a couple of seconds (only SW1) restarts the module and returns to normal operating mode.

NOTE: the buttons are not reliable and sometime must be pressed repeatedly before being recognized.

D14 green : cct-1 = triac-1, cct-2 = triac-2, cct-3 = triac-3

D13 green : cct-1 = triac-1, cct-2 = triac-2, cct-3 = relay

D12 green : cct-1 = triac-1, cct-2 = relay, cct-3 = triac-3

D11 green : cct-1 = relay-1, cct-2 = triac-2, cct-3 = triac-3

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