Theme Changed 1

So far so good. There are still some links to fix and some tidying up to do but it’s getting there. I’ll work through the pages and do a general clean up.

The switch to Suffusion was not too difficult. I had the test site with basically the same changes, so I just copied the settings over manually, then did some more adjusting.

The Suffusion bbpress plugin recommends a child theme so that changes are not lost when Suffusion is updated. So I’ll leave this for now.

I haven’t activated the Suffusion Commerce plugin yet. I want to find out a bit more about it first to make sure there are no hidden catches.

An update already

The Suffusion Commerce plugin does not yet support wp-ecommerce.

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One thought on “Theme Changed

  • PMB

    Hello Wesley.
    Thanks for the comment. I would like to avoid adverts but I agree it needs more visibility. I’m thinking that the visibility will grow with more content. I do need to get it running faster so I will probably move it to another server soon.