Raspberry-Pi power mod and case 4

I’ve just received a R-Pi from Element-14. They said it would be mid Jan but it arrived late Dec.

As with the others I’ve done, I decided to attach a 5V power lead and larger capacitor. See the previous posts.

The case is from Soanar; possibly also available from Jaycar. The other R-Pi CPU ran quite warm in a case that had better ventilation than this one, which only has an array of holes in the bottom. So I marked out and drilled some holes above the CPU.

I also decided to put a heatsink on the CPU/memory. I’m not sure if this will provide much of a benefit. It will probably depend on the thermal coupling between the chip and heatsink. The heatsink comes with adhesive already in place; peel and stick.

Raspberry Pi capacitor and cpuheatsink added

Capacitor and Heatsink added

Raspberry Pi case power and ventilation

Ready to go

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