Kristil Basic Support Info.

I have added a page of general information – Here.

kristil smart switch

Mid Generation Smart Switch

I am receiving a few questions about the system and how to support it.

Home owners are stuck, Electricians don’t have the information needed to help, and Smart House has vanished leaving everyone in the dark.

Anyone with information that may be useful, please let me know and I will include it.

Something Not Working

If your system was mostly working but now has lights not working, or it has just become less reliable than it once was, there are a couple of simple possibilities.

  1. Faulty Triac Module: These switch the power to the lights and can fail when some types of lamps “blow” or you have a fault on a fitting or cable. We can repair Triac Modules.
  2. Tired Power Supplies: These age and become noisy, which can cause the system to become unreliable. Power supplies can be repaired, reconditioned or replaced.

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