DJI Gimbal USB connector replacement

Caught in the USB lead

DJI camera gimbal repair

I received a large DJI camera gimbal to repair, from a big Hex milti-rotor.

The mini-USB connector was broken when the lead was accidentally caught and pulled.

Removing the old connector

DJI camera gimbal repair

The first step was to remove the circuit board from the gimbal without damaging the delicate board. When heated, the circuit track can easily lift off the board. The tiny through-hole vias cannot be damaged. if they connect to a inner layer, the board can be destroyed.

The damaged USB connector was carefully cut up and removed then the board cleaned using solder wick and meths on a tissue to remove the flux residue.

A Donor was required

DJI camera gimbal repair

As this was an urgent repair and we didn’t have a new connector in stock, a donor board was found; an older gimbal controller.

To get the connector off in one piece a hot air gun was used to heat the area both sides until the solder let go. This also saved the donor board, ready for a new connector at a later date.

DJI camera gimbal repairDJI camera gimbal repairThe new connector fitted and the board back in the gimbal.

Just the metal cover to replace.

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