Strange Microchip PIC behaviour

A 10  minute change that has taken 3 days I needed to change a time delay in a 8-pin PIC12F675 project started 4 years ago but has been updated since.  No problem I thought, change the time, recompile, save a new output file and program some chips. But the chips […]

dip vs soic pic-micro


Mouser Order Delayed

Conclusion – Resolved Keep enough stock on hand – but how much is enough.  Don’t rely on suppliers to come through if you are caught short. Mouser did resolve the issue and release the order. But we will have a 4-5 day gap in production. Not Always Quicker Being a […]

Micro Controllers

68HC11 and 68HC05 During the later 1980s I started using the Motorola MC68HC11E9 single chip micro. Problem back then was that you couldn’t get Flash memory, so the single chip micros were one time programmable (OTP). That was a real pain because the OTP chips cost about $40 each and […]

ZoneMinder Experiment 2

I had a cheap IP camera running to check out the weather from the TV (computer). It’s getting a bit unreliable and the picture is now crap. So I decided to revamp with either a cheap 4 channel DVR from China for about $100 or a re-purposed older PC and […]

Bike Ride

Down the Western side of the Hutt River from Moonshine to Avalon Park and back up the Eastern side through Trentham Memorial Park. [map maptype=satellite kml=”http://rcbeacon.com/blog/ftp-shared/upload/Track-011712-42219.kml”]