6 Position Rotary Switch – flight modes

They need modification

6 position flight mode switchI got a couple of these 6 position rotary switches from Ebay and fitted one to a Turnigy 9XR Pro transmitter replacing one of the analog pots.  The solder pads are labelled VCC, GND and FLAP, I assumed for +5V, GND and SIgnal.

The result was a very uneven spread of channel values for the 6 positions.  Not ideal – rane is -100 to +100:

-100, -61, -51, -34, 00, 100

After a bit of time tracing the connections I modified the attached tiny circuit board and swapped it t into the transmitter.

The switch shown on the right is as supplied. The one on the left is modified.  R7 (10K) is moved to the R1 position.  The blue wire link added.  R6 is just a shorted link.

The overall resistance is 50K.

The channel values are now evenly spaced:

-100, -61, -20, 20, 61, 100

6 position flight mode switchNow much more useful.

The solder pad labelled VCC is now the signal connection and FLAP is +5V. GND is still GND.