Media Test

I think I’m beginning to find the bugs in WordPress. Maybe not bugs, but undesirable side effects of being plug-in based and very versatile.

I guess it’s impossible for every plug-in creator to know what all the others are doing. It may be possible to choose a set of plug-ins that work together perfectly for the desired result, but with so many to choose from it would be about 3 years work.

Some of these “bugs” can be worked around without too much trouble like the e-commerce templates not appearing in some themes. But the WP File Gallery plugin which is great for GUI media management and standard blog posts, doesn’t work with wiki pages from the WordPress Wiki plugin.

You could put media onto wiki pages by writing/pasting/editing html, but if anyone tries the obvious and uses the media button it all goes to custard.

This is a gallery of 3 images from the existing media library:

The wiki page about 5.8G FPV has a gallery attached of 3 other images. Logged in it looks normal; the images show up etc. but when not logged in the gallery does not appear at all. I can’t work out now how I managed to get the gallery into the wiki page in the first place.


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