Plasti-kote – spray cans

I don’t know what they’ve done but it’s gone from being great to being a waste of money.

You buy a full can and the thing blocks up and fails about half way through – Even when you follow the instructions for clearing the nozzle after each use.

It used to be that you could clear the nozzle by spraying upside down, but now they just keep spaying but with less paint coming through.

Most of my use is in small jobs and I follow the instructions to clear the paint, spraying onto the side of the work bench. It used to be easy to see when the paint stopped flowing and a quick wipe cleared the last drop off the nozzle. The cans used to last until they ran out of paint; about 20% of it was on the side of the work bench.

Now you get to use 20% on the job, 20% on the work bench and the rest goes in the rubbish; because the can is blocked. The problem seems to be with the valve in the top of the can as even a new nozzle won’t spray. How can a company that is so expert in making spray cans get it so wrong after providing a good product that was worth paying an extra $ or two for? The only answers I can come up with are:

  1. Some major dick has taken over the design department
  2. A management moron has demanded a cheaper product be produced
  3. A dishonest SOB has decided that this design sells more product
  4. Someone is just totally incompetent

Whatever it is, look for another brand – Plasti-kote is not worth the price and mess.