WordPress problems

The combination of WordPress and the plugins WordPress Wiki 1.0.2 and File Gallery don’t work properly together.

There is also a problem with Suffusion and the bbPress plugin. I think it’s something to do with templates not being supported in the theme.

Individually, the plugins seem like a good idea but there is a major problem putting images into wiki pages; it doesn’t work. I haven’t done much with bbpress but it just appears not o be missing something. There also appears to be something missing from the wiki; it just doesn’t tie in with the rest of what you see and there’s no sensible way of navigating the wiki pages. Maybe you have to manually create index pages, but that doesn’t make much sense.

I suspect that there is also a problem with WordPress Wiki. Possibly it’s faulty, incomplete or just doesn’t fit well with the theme. It hasn’t been updated in a while and there is not a lot of comment about it on line. I can’t find any instructions or general support info. There is a forum but it’s not very active; either it works or everyone has given up. It may be a bit of a dead end.

The plugin Wiki Lite is another option but I’m not impressed by the developers site; complex, confusing, flashy. They seem to have free and paid versions; maybe not even a paid version, more a “join the club and keep on paying” version. I don’t trust the free version when they have the rest of this crap going on. Sure, I could explore their site, do lots of Googling and work it all out, but if the path is not obvious within a few minutes I’m not putting any extra effort in.

I will have to try switching the theme to one of the standard themes by The WordPress Team.

Update – 6-April-2012

I have switched the theme to “Elbee Elbee”, chosen because it looked OK and claimed to support “custom headers, custom backgrounds, custom navigation menus, BuddyPress and bbPress”.

First impressions are that it is simpler than Suffusion. There is less to set up through a simple UI. Suffusion has a fancy UI that can probably do almost anything but it’s too much to navigate when starting out. Without doing very much reconfiguring most smaller detail things are pretty much the same It seemed easier to configure the widgets and main menu.

The bbPress forum main display is still crap, but that may be because it was created under Suffusion. I’ll have to create a new forum and see if anything improves. The wiki still isn’t quite what I want but that may be because I don’t really know what I want or I’m missing something basic.

The whole media management (photos) is screwed up.

I’m not sure the File Gallery plugin is to blame, but galleries don’t display on wiki pages if you’re not logged in. The gallery/media manager option is not available at the bottom when editing a wiki page as it is for normal posts.

I deactivated the File Gallery plugin as a test. Galleries still display in posts and you can still put galleries into posts but the gallery/media manager is gone from the bottom of the edit page.

In wiki pages you can still add a gallery but it appears as a PITA vertical line of thumbs rather than horizontal row. In the main wiki edit page the galley appears as one large (place-holder) box but if you edit the wiki while viewing the page it lists all the code in the edit box.

The File Gallery plugin is complex, not so intuitive and not forgiving of a wrong click. It could drive you from the site if you were not willing to spend time experimenting and learning its peculiarities. There is quite a large help page available but it’s still too much to learn and remember for what should be a simple tool.

The best thing for now may be to dump the File Gallery plugin and use the standard upload/insert button to get images into the media library and then again in a second operation to add them individually to a post or wiki page. This does involve a lot more fiddling about but should give more consistent results. It involves 1 step plus another step for each photo, plus manual positioning, sizing etc. And I can’t get them to line up horizontally.

Still working on it.

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