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Fire Denyer kit

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This is a simple home fire alarm system with smoke detectors and alarms that has been shown to prevent kitchen fires from starting (the most common home fire). Additional protection to living areas and bedrooms is provided by smoke detectors and loud audible alarms.

When building or renovating, why wouldn’t you have your electrician install this simple protection.

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The Short version

  • Your electrician installs it
  • Smoke detected cuts power to cooking appliances
  • Additional smoke detectors protect Bedrooms and Lining areas
  • Building or Renovating is the best time to instal
  • Smoke detectors are required – do the job properly with the Fire Denyer

The kit includes:

  • The Fire Denyer Controller and battery pack
  • One Contactor for installation at the switchboard
  • Four hard wired smoke detector with 5 metres of cable
  • One User Manual & Installation Guide

Additional information


Controller, Ctrl Battery, Contactor, Smoke Alarm, Flasher, Flasher Battery, Bed Shaker, Door Bell Press, 4-core perM


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