Weather Station Update

WH1081 with Orange Pi ZeroAfter the failure of the outdoor sender unit and not being able to get a replacement, I have finally had a look at getting a complete new unit working.

The new WH1081 looked like the original but would not work with the installed wview software.  I have been considering updating the software and moving it from a mini-ITX computer to a low-power ARM board for some time.

Note about WH3081 USB lockup

As at mid-July 2017 I have had several USB lockups of the WH3081 console in the past month.  Apparently this is a known problem with the console that has existed for some time.  The only solution is to power the console off and back on.  As it has not been fixed in this time I seriously recommend not buying the WH3081 weather station.

It sounds like a minor problem. But if you want a long term reliable weather station that you do not have to constantly check on and occasionally fix, it is a huge problem.


Weather Station Setup Details here.

View Weather Station here.

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