Fix the WP Block Editor

The problem:

As of WordPress V5.0 they have inflicted the block editor onto us.  I suspect this is a very bad attempt at a sort of year-1 finger-painting for web page creation.  It may suit one page school projects quite well for anyone who has grown up with cellphones and is not familiar with a real computer.

If you seriously maintain a WordPress based web site, the original editor seems to be far more functional and productive.

The Solution:

Got to Plugins, Add New and install the “Classic Editor” plugin and activate it.  In Settings, Writing, you can set the default editor and whether users can choose.

I found the solution in this short but very helpful Youtube video.

A Serious Concern:

I chose wordpress years ago because it was capable, stable, consistent, popular and well supported. I get the impression that it is now moving away from being a serious web site creation tool and is being targeted more at cellphone users.

This could be a big problem when you have put so much time and effort into a web site then have the platform put it at risk.  I am probably an unusual case having a lot invested in the site, all DIY.

I Wonder Why:

Why did they make such a big change that is bound to upset a lot of serious users ?

  • are they looking towards another group of users.
  • are the developers are not really site managers and have gone off the rails.
  • will they ignore the initial backlash then force the change on everyone.


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