EOL Resistor Pack


EOL resistor pack/module

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A small resistor network for alarm and control panel detector/sensor wiring.  Simplifies installation and improves reliability.

Standard wiring is Blue and Red. Black and White is available on special order.  Wiring is 0.5mm stranded security type wire with about 160mm length on each colour.  Assembly consists of SMD resistors on a small circuit board in hot-glue and heat-shrink tubing.

EOL resistor details

EOL resistor details

Some of the common resistor values provided to date: 180R/300R, 1K/1K, 1K/10K, 2K2/2K2, 4K7/4K7

Note: we usually have a few in stock of common values but assemble most to order due to the variations possible.  Smaller numbers can be available in a few days.  Larger quantities usually 1-2 weeks depending on workload.

Contact us for specific requirements.

A few examples – EOL series/parallel

Cardax-Gallagher FT – 4K7/4K7 – (yellow)
Cardax NT – 10K, scouts were 4K7/4K7 – (yellow)
Inner Range – 2K2/6K8 – (green)
Paradox – 680R/1K (normal=1K, open=1.68K) – ()
Concept IQ – 2K2/6K8 – (green)
Challenger (Tecom) – 10K/10K – (red)
Ademco – 1K or 2K depends on panel – ()
MCM – 10K – ()
DSC – 5K6 – ()
Bosch (EDM) – 3K3/6K8 – ()
DAS – 3K3 – ()
NX – 3K3 – ()
Pacom Systems – 10K/10K – ()
CCure (software house) – 1K/1K – (green)
Protégé – 1K/1K – (green)
470R/1K – ()
300R/180R – (white)
1K/ 10K – (black)
2K2/2K2 – (blue or black)


  1. some panels are configurable, allowing different EOL values.
  2. Various heat-shrink colours indicate values – but several repeats due to not enough colours  🙂


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