Single Resistor Module


Single resistor module

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A single resistor module with wire leads.

Standard wiring is Blue, Red, Black or White.  For a specific wire colour (blue, red, black, white) let us know when ordering.  Assembly consists of SMD resistors on a small circuit board in heat-shrink tubing.

Note: we often have a few in stock of common values but assemble most to order due to the variations possible.  Smaller numbers can be available in a few days.  Larger quantities usually 1-2 weeks depending on workload.

Contact us for specific requirements.

Examples – resistor value – heat-shrink colour

. – 3K3 0.5W – (white)
. – 15K 0.5W – (blue)


  1. wire: 0.44mm, security cable, approximately 150mm length
  2. .


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