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After 10 or more years of operation there are probably many Smart House or Kristil home automation systems that are beginning to act up. One cause can be ageing power supplies.  The older power supplies, some linear and some switch-mode have been operating 24/7 and may have been running warm. This causes the capacitors to age and the output to become noisy.

Depending on the installation and type of power supply, there are a number of possible solutions. We can repair some power supplies, but other are not worth repairing or may have been marginal to begin with.

Replacement Power Supplies

replacement power supplyThese units are simply a standard power supply module fitted into a plastic enclosure and wired for easy installation.

They may not be suitable for all installations. They can be mounted into an existing larger HUB box or wall mounted wherever needed.

The mains input is fused at 3 Amps and the output is 13 volts at up to 3.5 Amps. The output voltage is adjustable over a small range.

Two versions: one with wiring through the side and one with wiring through the back so that it can be concealed in the wall. Ventilation holes provide cooling of the switch-mode supply. Flanges on the enclosure provide for easy mounting. A yellow LED indicates that the output is live.

replacement power supplyreplacement power supplyInstallation

Some systems will have one central power supply, others may have multiple distributed power supplies. Systems that include security functions should include battery backup, which can be achieved with a low voltage battery connection of a UPS supplying the mains power.

For battery charging the output voltage should be adjusted to provide 13.8V float to the battery; assuming a sealed lead-acid battery. The control panel should take care of battery connection.

Contact us with any questions.

If the power supply is being replaced, it is a good idea to also replace the battery.

When mounting near an existing panel, be sure not to drill through wiring hidden in the wall.

The output wire is a 4-core 0.5mm security cable with the core doubled up.

  • +ve is red and white
  • -ve is black and blue

An Earth connection is required for the power supply module. The output is floating; not connected to earth.

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