What does your power cost – Power Meter

Portable Power Meter

power meterI have added some information here and a store product here for the plug-in type power meter.

These plug-in power meters are low cost and great for checking appliances etc.

You can move them around, leaving connected to each appliance or a group of appliances for a week or so and see where all the power money is going.

Switchboard mounted Portable Power Meter

switchboard power meterI have another electronic power meter on the switchboard that meters all power except the hot-water. Over the last 5-days I have recorded power use and noted that it was only half of what our power supplier thinks it is. Adding in some hot water, I think there is still a large difference. I wonder if this is due to power factor?

In the process of collecting up the info I noticed that our power-factor on some equipment is not as good as it could be and we may be paying quite a bit more for power than we need to. I will have to put a meter on the hot water and do some more research.

Note: You need an electrician to install this type of switchboard mounted power meter.

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