Wifi Wall Switch – esp32

Why make a Light Switch I needed a Wifi connected light switch for the workshop, something a bit more robust than the usual indoor white plastic type.  It had to run Tasmota – none of that Tuya stuff.  So I built one based on some metal push buttons, supposedly waterproof, […]

Wifi light switch or control switch. Indicators

Micro-SD GPS logger. ATMega328

GPS to micro-SD Logger

A small background project.  I first looked at this for RC planes.  Arduino compatible ATMega328 based module with on-board micro-SD socket.  At the moment mostly just a working board in need of an improved sketch to make it more useful.  Should be useful for some other SD logging applications. Features: […]

ESP-8266 Experiments

Update – March 2023 The Orange Pi EMMc flash died, probably because I was writing data to InfluxDB every 30-60 seconds for 3 years without compacting it at all.  I suspected this would happen but didn’t get around to doing something about it before it failed. I’ve looked at the […]

wlc_1a controller esp-01

Besder 2MP POE camera

CCTV Updated to IP Cameras

The old analog cctv system have been updated to IP cameras and a dedicated NVR rather than a general PC and Zoneminder software. The mini-DVR has been modified to run on the 24V solar-battery system. Some more information Here.

NZ Post Shipping – Nov-2020

Manual shipping of small packages through a NZ Post Shop has become significantly more costly with increasing prices and the introduction of a much more complex and time consuming customs form. For smaller Air-Post packages, until recently we would print the address label, attach it to the package and complete […]

nz post customs form

Panasonic AA Alkaline cell

AA Batteries

NiMh Cells Seem To Be Fading Away We have used NiMh cells for years, but they are now harder to find and a lot more expensive.  So we are switching the main batteries from 8-cell NiMh to 3-cell 18650 cells with a BMS.  We still need a stable and safer […]

Fix the WP Block Editor

The problem: As of WordPress V5.0 they have inflicted the block editor onto us.  I suspect this is a very bad attempt at a sort of year-1 finger-painting for web page creation.  It may suit one page school projects quite well for anyone who has grown up with cellphones and […]

MinimOSD micro for FPV plane

Simple FPV OSD

Wanting an OSD to display the basics and GPS information in a small FPV plane but not wanting to waste a lot of time playing flight controllers, I decided to try the MinimOSD Micro running with just a GPS module and a small current sensor. I don’t run Windows so […]