Futaba transmitter switch swap

Futaba tranmitter switch swapThe plan was to swap the back two toggle switches to move the spring loaded switch to the left. This must swap the switch function as well.
Futaba tranmitter switch swapThe two top switches on each side are mounted on a small circuit board on each side with 4 wires connecting, +5 and gnd to both switches and a centre common to each switch. To swap the switches, they must be de-soldered from the boards, the holes and pins cleaned of solder and then soldered back in the required orientation. The centre wire for each of the switches being swapped must also be swapped. The easiest way to do this is to cut and extend to cross them. This also allows easy return to normal if required.
Futaba tranmitter switch swapThis is just a close-up of the left side switch position. The side slider must be removed from its slot to get the switch board out. The originally trapped wire has been repaired; see next image.
Futaba tranmitter switch swapThis shows the wire to the slider that was trapped, probably when the radio was originally assembled. The image above shows how this was repaired; cut and joined.
Futaba tranmitter switch swapThe switch swap is complete, but this photo was taken before the trapped wire repair.


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