Smaller Quads and Lost Model Tracker

250 size FPV quad racing

WMAC quad racing at TrenthamFinding a 250 size quad in long grass can be a problem.

I suggest using at least a audio alarm. The racing circuit is usually well defined and searchable. RF trackers work best over longer ranges. The beeper will help within the last 20 meters or so.

The main problem seen locally is that racing crashes involve a lot of tumbling and spinning, and bits come off; usually the battery and Mobius camera. The tracker or beeper needs to keep working following the crash. A self contained tracker is most likely to survive a crash even if it comes off the quad, it won;t be far away and still working..

Key Tracker Features

  • is self contained – nothing to disconnect or fly off
  • long duration operation and long range
  • simple to use – no programming or set up
  • simple RF signal and receiver maximizes range
  • includes a beeper

The beeper on our tracker indicates arming/dis-arming and beeps while transmitting. It’s not loud but greatly helps with close in location in grass and scrub.

Standard Delivery

Standard delivery by air-post usually takes 2 weeks.

Keeping It Simple

We like to keep it simple. We are considering making the time delay adjustable but without needing a PC or APP etc. I generally don’t like APPs for configuring because operating systems, browsers and apps change with time and I like things that keep working without future upgrade and compatibility concerns.

Installation Example

lost model tracker fitted to small quadThis shows a tracker fitted to a quad based on a Hobbyking frame.  The tracker is attached to the lower plate with double-sided sticky foam.  It’s black, so not well defined in the photo.

The jumper is tied so it’s easy to locate.  The jumper is just pulled from the tracker before launch and replaced after landing.

The tracker beeps when armed or dis-armed with the jumper and also beeps when the tracker is activated.  The tracker antenna is attached to one arm of the quad.

The tracker battery life in normal use is in excess of 2 years and can be replaced. When transmitting, battery life will exceed one week.

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