GPS to micro-SD Logger

Micro-SD GPS logger. ATMega328A small background project.  I first looked at this for RC planes.  Arduino compatible ATMega328 based module with on-board micro-SD socket.  At the moment mostly just a working board in need of an improved sketch to make it more useful.  Should be useful for some other SD logging applications.


  • ATMega328PB – see below
  • Micro SD card socket
  • 5-15VDC power supply – with voltage monitoring option
  • 3 LEDs – red, yellow, green
  • 6-pin SPI – ICSP position
  • Uart port – reset, rx, tx, gnd
  • connection for 3.3V GPS module – software serial
  • thermistor for temperature measurement
  • ambient light sensor
  • voltage input with on-board divider
  • fet output driver – pulls low – 20V 500mA rated

Micro-SD GPS logger. ATMega328I haven’t done anything with the thermistor or light sensor.  These were in the original board layout from another project so left in place.

Shown here with a Beitian BN-220 GPS module attached and a servo lead for 5V power.


This variant is used because it’s all that was available.  This is a bit of a PITA because it needs support added to the Arduino IDE and you then have to switch each time it’s needed.  With this support you can install the bootloader and upload sketches.

Some updates to the IDE can default support and you need to switch it back or get upload errors.

Will add more details here next time I look at it.

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