IR Remote Encoder

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This board module converts 5 button inputs to encoded remote control signal – IR remote control format.

Power Various applications.  Can be re-programmed for various applications.

  • 5 inputs – supports switch contacts or piezo buttons with on-board pull-up resistors
  • 5 inputs can pull high or pull-low – solder jumper configured
  • 3 additional inputs on pin header
  • RJ12 input jack – 6p6c – common ground plus 5 inputs
  • Default configuration: 38KHz IR
  • 3.5mm stereo jack output
  • Output can be open-collector (fet) or with pull-up resistor (100mA max pull-down)
  • 2.1mm DC power jack (center +ve) for 9-15V DC supply : max 20mA
  • 5V DC power can be supplied via the 3.5mm stereo jack for use with extenders etc.
  • Supplied as a bare circuit board
  • Can be mounted using 2 stand-offs (supplied separately)
  • Size: approx.  40x50mm x12mm thick
  • PIC micro based – can be reprogrammed for other applications



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