Fox Hunt Beacon Transmitter


Fox Hunt beacon transmitter

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This is the Radio Fox Hunt version of our lost model tracker.

The idea of Radio Fox Hunting is that someone hides the transmitter and others locate it using receivers and directional antennas. The challenge is in building and/or using the antenna and receiver combination to be first to find the transmitter.


  • Transmits on the 433MHz ISM band
  • Has its own internal battery (can be replaced)
  • Standby lasts well over a year
  • The removable jumper starts and stops transmission
  • Small size – easily hidden
  • Two tone options available allowing 2 transmitters to operate at the same time

Operation : Simply remove the jumper and the transmission begins. The matching receiver or a suitable radio scanner can be used for tracking.

Receiver Antennas : See the yagi directional antenna product or build your own.

Radio Fox Hunting.
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