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Fox Hunt beacon transmitter

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This is the Indicator version of our lost model tracker.

It is intended to be mounted usually outdoors and connected to a control switch.  This could be on a gate, trough, water-pump etc.  There are many possible uses.  When the switch is open the beacon transmits; indicating an open gate, empty trough or pump fault.  This can reduce regular inspection time and alert to problems.

The jumper is a short circuit that disables the transmitter.  Extending the jumper to a remote switch will control the beacon transmitter – open-circuit to enable transmission.

With a suitable adapter the 18650 cell could be maintained using a smallish solar panel.  5-10 watts would be plenty.


  • Transmits on the 433MHz ISM band
  • Is wired for a 18650 Lithium cell (not supplied but available locally – see below)
  • Long duration, Standby and Operation due to larger battery size
  • The removable jumper starts and stops transmission
  • Small size – easily mounted or hidden

We cannot readily ship lithium batteries.  The standard 18560 size lithium cell provides long duration operation.  Therefore fewer recharges or replacements. The 18650 size cells are available from many electrical or component suppliers in your local area.  We recommend 2000 to 3000 mAh capacity cells. The larger capacity cells are likely fake and misrepresenting the capacity.

As with the RC Lost Model Tracker and Fox Hunt Transmitter, you can use our matching receiver and antenna or some types of radio scanners. See the Lost model tracker for more detail.

Receiver Antennas : See the yagi directional antenna product or build your own.

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