Power Switch Aux. Relay


Auxiliary main power relay. 12V control.

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This is a 12 Volt controlled mains power relay with 1 meter long mains power leads and a 2 meter control wire.

It can be used to control any mains power load up to 10 Amps. Power is applied to the output socket whenever 12V DC is applied to the control wire.

Safe isolation between the mains power and the control wire is maintained within the unit.

The 12V control signal is polarity sensitive but reverse connection will do no harm; it just won’t work.

The control input voltage range is 11 to 15 V DC at approximately 40mA.

For use outside NZ/AU we can assemble these with appropriate mains power connectors. Please enquire for availability and pricing.

This is a low-volume item. Therefore assembly delays prior to shipping of about 1 week may apply if stock is low. Please enquire if unsure.


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