Monthly Archives: February 2012

CFL failures

We’ve been using Compact Fluorescent Lamps for many years. They use less power for the light output and our supply voltage is on the high side and incandescent lamps don’t last long. Compact Fluorescent Lamps seem to fail more often than they should. Usually the electronics fizz and go bang […]


The other day I was deleting some old bookmarks from Firefox and wondered why my site link had a little empty box rather than a fancy little icon. A bit of research explained that this icon was a favicon. So I used Gimp to make a little 16×16 graphic then […]

Micro Controllers

68HC11 and 68HC05 During the later 1980s I started using the Motorola MC68HC11E9 single chip micro. Problem back then was that you couldn’t get Flash memory, so the single chip micros were one time programmable (OTP). That was a real pain because the OTP chips cost about $40 each and […]