MPLAB X slows to a stop – Unusable

I’ve been using MPLAB-X on Kubuntu Linux on a laptop for quite a while now and converting projects over from the old Windows machine.

Yesterday I went to work on a project started a couple of weeks ago and found that MPLAB-X which I believe runs in Netbeans, which is Java based, has ground to a halt. It takes 15+ minutes to load and scan projects (there is only one small one enabled) then stops responding for 5 seconds about every 15 seconds while running. During the very slow startup there is a huge amount of network activity where it is accessing a shared drive on another machine.

I uninstalled and updated to the latest version 2.0, but found it exactly the same. I suspect it’s a Java problem, possibly caused by another app install or an update.

Maybe there’s a reliable way to remove Java and reinstall it.

I’m unable to work on any PIC project code until resolved. I’ve searched about and followed a couple of basic suggestions for a slow MPLAB-X, but it may be a Java problem. Worst case I may have to do a clean install of the Laptop. In which case I could swap to a 128G or 64G SSD, which will also preserve the existing HDD until it’s all back up and running.

Everything else on the Laptop seems to work fine.

I don’t really want to be rebuilding computers at the moment. But I think that since I started using Kubuntu rather than Windows as the standard desktop, I’m still way ahead on time saved. This is the first significant problem I’ve had in a long time.

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