Uniden Bearcat Scanner – UBC57XLT – Antenna 3

My First Radio Scanner This is the first scanner I bought; probably 7 or more years ago.. Mainly because it was cheap at the time. It covers the 433MHz frequency range but I am pretty sure it defaults to FM and cannot be manually switched to AM reception. Another problem […]

uniden bearcat ubc57xlt radio scanner

A day of minor repairs

Two controller boards and a Fluke multi-meter Security panel board repair Several of these boards have failing power supply capacitors affecting reliability. These boards have internal power planes with little or no thermal relief. This means that removing, clearing the holes of solder and replacing the capacitors is tricky without […]

fire panel board repair

DJI camera gimbal repair

DJI Gimbal USB connector replacement

Caught in the USB lead I received a large DJI camera gimbal to repair, from a big Hex milti-rotor. The mini-USB connector was broken when the lead was accidentally caught and pulled. Removing the old connector The first step was to remove the circuit board from the gimbal without damaging […]

High Stop Brake Light Repair

To buy new or repair In this case, the cost of a new unit was much higher than the cost or replacing the 20 LEDs. There were 3 faulty LEDs which affected the appearance of several others. They are arranged in 4 groups of 5 LEDs. The circuit boards used […]

high stop brake light repair

futaba T14-SG testing new LCD

Futaba 14 channel Transmitter Repair

An Accidental Slip I received a Futaba T14-SG 14-channel RC Transmitter to repair. It had a damaged LCD display ribbon cable and damaged ribbon connector on the main board. The result of an accidental slip while tightening a internal nut that came loose. It can happen to any one. The […]

Small FPV Flying Wing Concept

What’s the plan and why A few years back I was looking at building a larger (about 2M) flying wing for FPV. Since then I have been playing with multi-rotors. Not the 250 racing size but rather 350-400 FPV types.  Considering the short flight times, relatively high accident cost in […]

CAA web site

UAV Regulations – CAA New Zealand – 1st August 2015 3

Get a copy here – well almost As of 12-August-2015, looking at the CAA web site here, the AC101-1 advisory is OK but following the links to the Part 101 rule takes you to the old version, dated 1-April-2014. They show Part 101 01-August-2015 costing $4.65. There seems to be […]