Beacon Lamp Flasher – Sealed


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Suitable for LED and other lamps.

This is the new sealed version of the earlier box module.  These are waterproof and suitable for outdoor mounting (with suitable wire connectors) or in-pole use.  Please inquire if looking for a dual channel alternating-flash version of this unit.

Pedestrian Crossing – Belisha Beacon lamp flasher.  Single-channel mains 3 Amp rated. Flash rate pre-set mode for Belisha Beacon function, 43 flashes per minute, 33/66 duty cycle.

Suitable for flashing any mains lamp load.  Flashing continues while mains power is applied.

Contact us if you require a different flash rate and/or duty cycle (on/off ratio).

See Here for more details.

Note: orders placed will ship in about two weeks.  We assemble these to order.


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