Lost Multi-rotor Tracker (30-minute)


Tracker beacon. Multi-rotor 30-min version

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This is a version of our long range tracking transmitter that we have updated to better suit multirotors. It is designed for long-range locating of lost RC models. Also referred to as a lost model beacon, locator or finder. It can be used in any RC model. but this version is well suited to multi-rotor models.

Standard Features:

  • Transmits on the 433MHz ISM band
  • Self contained with internal long-life battery
  • 8.5g weight
  • Standby lasts well over a year
  • Transmitting lasts for 7 days minimum
  • Transmits only after a 30 minute delay after arming
  • A jumper connector is used to arm and disarm

Operation : Before flying simply remove the jumper and fly as normal. If all goes well replace the jumper after landing. If the model decides not to return for any reason the tracker will start transmitting. The matching receiver or a suitable radio scanner can be used for locating the model.

Simple Really : Just mount the tracker in or on the model. No wiring connection to the model is required. It should be mounted so that it is waterproof and protected in a crash.

Receiver Antennas : See the yagi directional antenna product.

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