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Tracker receiver (no case)

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This puts most of what you need into one item.

This is a tracker set consisting of a beacon transmitter ( 30-minute) and mini-receiver.

The beacon transmitter is ready to install, remove the jumper and fly.  The beacon normally supplied is the 30-minute delayed multi-rotor version.  On request we can supply the 15-minute multirotor version or fpv version.  The internal battery (CR2032) lasts a year or more of normal operation, and can be replaced – no soldering required.

The receiver is the mini version.  Antenna connector, attenuator switch and volume control on one end, headphone jack and battery lead on the other.  You supply the 9V battery and it’s ready to use.


  • Beacon supplied tested and ready to go
  • Beacon supplied with spare jumper and 2 pieces of heat-shrink for battery replacement
  • Receiver ready to go – just connect your 9V battery
  • Ear-bud phones included
  • Short BNC-BNC lead supplied to connect antenna to receiver

To Do : You supply the receiver battery and the antenna.

Suitable antennas can be found on Ebay and other on-line suppliers.  Look for a 433MHz or 70cm yagi for a directional antenna for longer range tracking.  For short range almost any small antenna will do.  The connector on the receiver is a BNC socket.


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