AA Batteries

NiMh Cells Seem To Be Fading Away We have used NiMh cells for years, but they are now harder to find and a lot more expensive.  So we are switching the main batteries over to 18650 lithium cells.  We still need a stable and safer backup cell. So I Got […]

Panasonic AA Alkaline cell

Fix the WP Block Editor

The problem: As of WordPress V5.0 they have inflicted the block editor onto us.  I suspect this is a very bad attempt at a sort of year-1 finger-painting for web page creation.  It may suit one page school projects quite well for anyone who has grown up with cellphones and […]

Simple FPV OSD

Wanting an OSD to display the basics and GPS information in a small FPV plane but not wanting to waste a lot of time playing flight controllers, I decided to try the MinimOSD Micro running with just a GPS module and a small current sensor. I don’t run Windows so […]

MinimOSD micro for FPV plane

vodafon internet cable connection

Vodafone accidental disconnect – again

What is most annoying is that Vodafone created the fault and we had to wait two days for the repair. If they had said “oops our-bad” and repaired it same day – even if it was overtime – it would have saved me a lot of time, I wouldn’t be […]

MC68HC11EVS and M68EM11E20

This unit has gone to a new home A piece of our micro development past has moved on as of April-2019. During the late 1990s I developed some home automation controllers based on the 68HC11E20 which was one time programmable in a 52 pin PLCC package and later the 68HC11 […]

68hc11 evs

dip vs soic pic-micro

Strange Microchip PIC behaviour

A 10  minute change that has taken 3 days I needed to change a time delay in a 8-pin PIC12F675 project started 4 years ago but has been updated since.  No problem I thought, change the time, recompile, save a new output file and program some chips. But the chips […]

Mouser Order Delayed

Conclusion – Resolved Keep enough stock on hand – but how much is enough.  Don’t rely on suppliers to come through if you are caught short. Mouser did resolve the issue and release the order. But we will have a 4-5 day gap in production. Not Always Quicker Being a […]


WH1081 with Orange Pi Zero

Weather Station Update

May 2019 Update It has been an eventful month.  The Orange-Pi-Zero running WeeWX stopped working and later the WH3081 sensor transmitter failed. The O-Pi-Zero is running from a 16GB micro-SD card and was saving data to a 4GB SD card plugged into USB.  The 4GB SD card was corrupted, probably […]